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Learning journey - 26th June

The concept and pedagogical approach in Talkback Classroom is very practical and effective, it allows students like myself to get outside the classroom and to learn through, not listening to teachers and lectures but through interaction and experience. Being in this project has inspired me to get out and do more, to experience new things and to try and go for something.


The Forum - 25th June

The time went by so fast. I can’t believe it, today is the last day of this project and it was a big day for us. In the morning we have a time to prepare ourselves for the forum today. We got a chance to see the cover dance from the students and we interviewed them to ask about their inspiration to form a group to dance together.


Learning journey - 24th June

After that we then went to another temple in Ayutthaya, which was one of the most interesting places I had ever been to before probably. Once again, the first things we did once we arrived there were get the praying packs which had the incense sticks, candle and gold paper squares. We did our usual prayers and entered the temple; the doorway had a wooden platform, which was according to Tang actually a goddess, which you had to avoid stepping on. I did not know this and accidentally stepped on it before I could stop myself whilst everyone swiftly avoided it, it was common knowledge for the locals


Learning journey - 23rd June

The planning went quite well, for that time that we actually ended up spending on it. It feels like unmentioned things end up eating into the time of much of our planning times. By today, our explanation was just that it was ‘the Thai way’! The puzzle of questions and not understanding the whole picture of what’s going on or what the plan is, had become an important cultural experience for me.